A Guide For Beginners – How to create a blog for free
A Guide For Beginners – How to create a blog for free
October 2, 2018
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Best Email Marketing Strategies to Trust – Secrets to Get More Leads and Sales

Best Email Marketing Strategies to Trust – Secrets to Get More Leads and Sales
There are a number of ways to add impact to your email marketing strategies and gather more number of subscribers. You will convert leads to sales easily. Simply follow the email marketing strategies listed below for increasing sales.

The Lesser the Better

It is obvious for email marketers to hope their potential customers to read the whole message. However, there are only 1-2% per cent of customers who read thoroughly. The rest simply scan through the mail! They just look for something very interesting and useful in the entire email. They will try to catch some of the terms and phrases that describe their needs and expectations. So make sure you design the email for your users to click and not read. For emails, the less you make them scroll, is better.

Forms Simple and Easier to Signup

This can be quite confusing for most customers. They may not be able to cope with complex forms (too many of them), product images, and a number of options. This will result in lower click through rate and fewer sales. When creating email forms, you need to include the following characteristics in it: - A functioning email - The name for allotted username - An emphatic CTA (Call to Action)

Know Your Target Audience

The key to gathering more number of subscribers is to know your target audience well. This also means you can achieve your goals faster. Customers (target market) can be categorized into two groups: Regular customers – These are loyal to your company and long term buyers. New customers – These are associated to you / your business for the first time. Readers – These are blog subscribers and technically not considered as customers. However, they show interest in your services and products.

Give Much Focus on Subject Line

You should focus on creating a subject line with impact. Keep it very short and catchy. These days, people are very busy. They prefer reading mails on mobile while on the go. Also emails are opened on the basis of a subject line alone. The longer ones are usually ignored. So, it is important that you create a subject line that is short, very clear and concise. Take enough time to create a subject line that’s easy to understand, elaborates purpose and impresses your customers.

Sense of Urgency

Your email marketing services will benefit a lot by creating a feel of insistence or urgency without making it very obvious. This is great as it motivate your readers to give a response and act as fast as possible to CTAs. The process will increase rate of conversion. You will get more subscribers. One of the examples is to create a restricted offer for some of your best-selling products. Give a special price or some free gifts. The customers will respond and try to get as much benefit of your offer and buy fast.

Follow Up Triggers

Perseverance is the key to success in the field of email marketing. So don’t waste time sending a single email. Experts suggest sending subsequent mails as per customer’s reaction. You can consider the customers based on the following response: - Opened the mail and replied - Couldn’t open the email - Opened the email but chose not to respond - Want to unsubscribe It really helps to make email personal. This should be based on the response of audience. Sending a mail after some days of the previous email will help you maintain the rhythm.

Popup Email Forms

Although very annoying, these popups may actually help growing your list by around 70-80 per cent! Once your visitors land on the website, they can get converted to subscribers. All you need to do is create a very simple popup form combined with a strong Call to Action (CTA). This will help capture attention of visitors fast.
Mudassir Iqbal
Mudassir Iqbal
Mudassir Iqbal was a Digital Marketing Strategist at Str@tigia. He earned a certification in Inbound Marketing from Hubspot Academy. He is certified in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PR, Online Branding & Communications etc. He is passionate about Digital Marketing, Psychology, Entrepreneurship and continuous Self-Development.

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